Environmental Damage Protection

Hello, spring. With that winter coat well out of sight and the telling signs of blooms and blossoms ahead – it’s time to enjoy spending time outdoors. From afternoon strolls, picnics with friends, and getting your garden in shape, the warm sunshine and changing of seasons is truly a thing of beauty.


environmental damage protection


However, we want to ensure that you enjoy the outdoors safely, and keep your skin protected from potential harm. Environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution create free radicals on the skin that can cause premature signs of visible aging. Taking steps to reduce exposure to these elements is not only smart, but important. Read on for best ways to do so.


Keep skin hydrated.


When you become dehydrated, your body prioritizes sending water to internal organs and deprioritizes sending water to skin – leaving it out to dry. When skin cells lose access to water, they are unable to function at their prime, which doesn’t bode well for keeping skin healthy and youthful in appearance.


Always have a reusable water bottle on hand, preferably filled with refreshing, filtered water. For added flavor and an antioxidant boost, add slices of organic lemons and oranges to your water, and a fresh squeeze of their juice, too. Both fruits are high in Vitamin C – a noteworthy antioxidant when it comes to supporting skin health and neutralizing free radicals1,2.


Use a lightweight lotion rich in antioxidants, like our Avalon Organics® Intense Defense™ Oil-Free Moisturizer, to help seal in skin’s moisture. Lemon, White Tea, and Vitamin C work together to support skin and neutralize free radicals.


envrionmental damage protection


Dress intentionally.


As the temperature increases outside, opt for wearing lightweight fabrics like organic cotton and linen that can provide coverage against the sun’s rays. Long sleeved tops and pants help offset exposure while still keeping you cool, and a lightweight scarf can come in handy when trying to protect the back of your neck or top of shoulders.


We also recommend keeping a sunhat within reach, as a wide brim can help to shade hair, eyes, and skin from harmful rays.


Use SPF and antioxidant-rich products.


A daily sunscreen can go a long way when it comes to protecting skin against environmental stressors, specifically the sun. Our Avalon Organics® Intense Defense™ Sheer Moisture SPF 10 is an antioxidant-rich lotion that nourishes skin while using active mineral sunscreen ingredients to reflect UVA and UVB rays. Apply this lotion liberally after cleansing and toning with other Intense Defense™ skin care products to defend skin and support its renewal cycle. Using products certified to an organic standard is not only better for you, but also the Earth.


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